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Kent Premiere Cabinetry

The Signature Series

modern kitchen

Introducing Kent Premiere Cabinetry -The Signature series,

a fully customizable luxury brand designed to bring your dreams into reality.

After being in the contracting business for 20 years, Ryan Kent realized that there was something missing in the kitchen and bath renovation world, and that is when Kent Premiere Cabinetry came to life. 

“I couldn’t find everything I wanted in one brand 
of quality American-made cabinetry. I had a vision 
to create my own line of cabinetry that would fulfil 
all the needs of my clients and contractors alike. 
I knew that I could do it better and was determined 
to make it happen. It was a challenging journey,
taken with perseverance, and today I take pride 
in my brand of cabinetry that meets the highest 
standards of quality, design, and functionality.” 

Ryan Kent


Custom cabinetry is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. Kent Premiere Signature Series is specially designed and built to fit your space and cater to your needs. 

With Kent Premiere Cabinetry, you have the freedom to choose the materials, finishes, and styles that match your taste and complement your homes aesthetic and charm. 


Live Beautifully Functional.

Cabinetry Features

20 Available Wood Spieces

Wood Speicies

50+ Color & Stain Options

Top 20 Door Styles


Cabinet Sizes and Customizations

Wall & Base Cabinets
Customized Cabinets


Well organized cabinetry is the vision of the future!Kent Premiere cabinets offers a multitude of 
organizational options just waiting to tidy your pots & pans and make sense of your messy junk drawer. 

With so many storage solutions options to choose from, you can select the right combination for your personal needs. After all, your cabinetry should be beautifully functional. 

Here are a few of our client’s top picks.

Untensil Pull-Out
Drawer Cookware Organizer
Storage Pull-Down

Available Accessories

Wall Cabinets

  • Sliding wine rack

  • Appliance pullout

  • Spice pullout

  • Filler spice pullout

  • K-cup pullout

  • Utensil pullout

  • 2-tier pull down shelf

  • Sliding can rack

  • Tray divider

  • Door organizer

Base Cabinets

  • Waste containers

  • Cookware organizer

  • Door storage

  • Shelf drawer

  • File drawer

  • Utensil drawer

  • Spice pullout

  • Utensil pullout

  • Mixer lift

  • Filler pullout

  • Towel pullout

  • Knife block pullout

  • Sidekick pullout

  • Wine rack pullout

  • Roll out trays

  • Cutlery divider

  • Blind corner pullout

  • Lazy Susan

  • Drawer inserts


  • Pantry pullout

  • Sundry pullout

  • Roll out drawer

  • Tall filler pullout

  • Door storage

  • Swing out pantry

  • Lazy Susan

  • Cleaning organizer

  • Roll out tray


  • Ironing board lift

  • Drawer divider

  • Outlet drawer

  • Heated accessory pullout

  • Organizer pullout

  • Filler pullout

  • Hamper pullout

  • Waste container pullout

  • Door storage

  • Roll out drawer

  • Belt/Scarf Rack

  • Jewelry Drawer

  • Pant Organizers

  • Clothing Pull down

  • Valet Rods

  • Shoe Organizers

Downloadable Resources

Kent Brochure
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